Publix to open re-imagined organic GreenWise Market serving beer and wine in Boca Raton

Posted on September 11, 2018

Shoppers are wondering what Publix plans to do with the old Safeway location on East Commercial Boulevard in Oakland Park.

As I reported in June, Publix acquired the only Safeway stores in Florida in Oakland Park, Altamonte Springs and Largo. They were closed in late August to be reopened under the Publix banner by the end of the year.

Reader Cheryl Woda emailed me, saying she heard talk that a Publix GreenWise would open in Safeway’s place.

That move would make a lot of sense, since the store at 950 NE 50th St. is across the street from another Publix market.

I asked Publix for an update.

“While this location will become a traditional Publix, we are excited about a GreenWise Market opening in Boca sometime in 2019,” said spokeswoman Nicole Krauss.

Wait, what?

Two traditional Publix stores across the street from each other in Oakland Park and two GreenWise stores in Boca Raton seems odd.

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