My Summer at Friedman – What I Learned

Posted on August 21, 2019

Upon beginning my summer internship at Friedman, I was unfamiliar with the commercial real estate industry. However, my role on the Business Process Improvement team proved to be a great experience and was extremely rewarding. The team showed me the ropes when it came to Friedman’s cutting-edge technology, systems, and processes and quickly began involving me in various projects and tasks to assist the organization with their rapid growth.


Around the time that my internship commenced, Friedman Real Estate had just acquired the management of nearly 50 new properties. Here, I was able to assist the BPI team with setting up new users in our various systems. This was such a great learning experience for me as I was able to learn property management specific programs, such as Yardi Voyager, Rent Café, and Blue Moon. Learning to navigate and administer these programs was particularly interesting to learn as I intend on pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information.  


What stuck out to me most during my time at Friedman was how interdependent each of the departments are. Since day one, it became evident to me that the people here don’t work for each other, but rather with each other. This way, they consistently help each other learn and grow to achieve their goals and benefit the company as a whole. As I venture through the remainder of my schooling, I will definitely remember the various skills I learned throughout my time here.


Overall, throughout my meaningful internship experience, it was amazing to work with such hardworking, driven, knowledgeable, and kind people! What I appreciated most was when I was given a project to work on, the team wouldn’t just tell me what to do and how, but they would explain why I was doing it and the significance of it. I always knew if I had any questions the people around me would be happy to answer and guide me through whatever I was working on. Individually, I learned a lot from each of them and I am extremely thankful for this experience.