Michigan Among Best States For Business: Report

Posted on July 13, 2018

How good is Michigan for business? Well, it’s not in the Top 10 but it’s pretty close, tied for 11th place with Idaho, a new report says. According to the new study from CNBC published Tuesday, the state is the 11th best of all 50 states for business in 2018.

The study scores all 50 states on 64 metrics across 10 categories, CNBC explains in its methodology.

“Our study is not an opinion survey; we measure actual performance by the states,” the network said of its methodology. CNBC says the study grades each state based on the qualities they tout as good for attracting business. Each category is given a weight based on how much the states cite it as a factor for attracting business; the more a category is cited, the higher the weight, CNBC says.

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