Is your Detroit neighborhood primed for a rebound?

Posted on June 20, 2018

A little-known database is trying to predict which blocks of Detroit are likely to rebound.

Known as “Turning the Corner,” the interactive map provides a street-level glimpse into changes unfolding on 9,444 city blocks and identifies which neighborhoods are most likely to see rising home values and rents that could force out longtime residents, said Noah Urban, a senior analyst for Data Driven Detroit, a company that developed the database.

“The data helps identify areas that may be at higher risk of displacement if a transformational investment occurs, but it also allows users to drill deeper and identify what specific factors may be influencing that risk,” Urban said.

Funded by foundations, the tool is intended as a planning tool for city planners, investors and neighborhood groups. The hope is the map can inform policy to shore up changing neighborhoods or assist longtime residents, according to a report on the project.

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