Forbes Names Detroit: The 10 Coolest U.S. Cities to Visit in 2018

Posted on March 1, 2018

Certain cities are on everyone’s wish lists: New York, Austin, Nashville. And they belong on those lists.

But it’s a big country, and there are so many more places to see—including, increasingly, cities that we never would have given a second glance. Thanks to grassroots and civic revitalization projects, creative types taking advantage of cheap real estate, and the realization that small can be beautiful, a new list of must-see cities is forming.

I asked high-end travel designers about their favorite domestic destinations. These are people who deal in the exotic, who send their clients to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences in far-flung locales. But when I asked about what’s in our own backyard, they were full of enthusiasm. Here are their places to go now.

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