Corktown-to-Fordtown gold rush?

Posted on March 26, 2018

  • Ford Motor Co. reportedly pursuing a deal to buy and redevelop the Michigan Central Station
  • Aftershock for Corktown real estate owners and developers would be widespread
  • Assessed property values for residential and commercial would rise

For six months, three vacant houses and an empty plot of land sat on the market in Corktown awaiting a buyer. There had been a few suitors seriously interested, but none pulled the trigger.

Within a day of Crain’s first reporting that Ford Motor Co. is pursuing a deal to buy and redevelop the dilapidated Michigan Central Station, broker James Tumey received several cash offers, even at the full $540,000 price, for the properties that look out on the 500,000-square-foot depot. And some of the potential buyers haven’t even seen inside the homes.

And that’s with no finished Ford deal in place.


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